School Board receives positive audit report at Committee meeting

The results from a recent audit were presented to the Natchitoches Parish School Board at its committee meeting on Feb. 8. The results showed an unmodified opinion, which is a good thing. It simply means that the financial statements are as stated. There was one finding concerning the segregation of duties with some of the school activity funds. These were included in the audit this year where in past years a separate audit was conducted for them. The inclusion of the school activity funds audit in the general audit was required by governmental standards.

This includes ticket sales and collecting of monies and getting the correct signatures. The district is on the right track as far as correcting these issues and is doing better than it was in the past.

Findings associated with federal funds from last year’s audit were not findings in this year’s audit, which is also a good thing because it means there were no compliance issues.

Overall, for all the funds, the cash and other assets was $49 million in 2021 and $49 million in 2022. The total revenues overall for the year saw an increase but most of that had to do with ESSER funds ($5 million for the audit year).

Comparing the General Fund from this year to last year, cash and investments started with $15 million and ended with $17 million. Positive General Fund revenues totaled $844,032, which will be added to the district’s surplus of $8.2 million.

There was one exception on “agreed upon procedures” that are required for School Boards. There were some discrepancies in what the state was reporting and some personnel files. Work is already underway to correct these differences.