First Amendment Auditor sentenced to 30 days in jail after resisting arrest charges

After several continuances, the trial of Travis Heinze commenced on April 11 at 9am in front of Judge Robert Owsley. Heinze, whose application didn’t qualify for a public defender, represented himself regarding his actions on Jan. 22 at the Natchitoches Parish Library.

Natchitoches Police officers responded to a call from concerned library staff reporting a patron who was behaving bizarrely. This involved carrying multiple bulky bags into the building, setting up multiple cameras for recording purposes, trying to access areas restricted to the public, and pulling on door handles to areas that are off limits.

When officers made contact with the suspect he refused to give his name or provide them with an ID. Heinze was taken into custody for resisting arrest and brought to the corrections center where he bonded out.

After a lengthy trial with a long list of questions for seven witnesses, Judge Owsley weighed the evidence. Heinze was sentenced to 30 days in the Natchitoches Parish Detention Center and $411 court costs. He was remanded immediately to the DC, where he is currently being held.