Patsy Ward Hoover: Natchez Mayor-Elect; Parish Council’s next step

Patsy Ward Hoover

Now that Patsy Ward Hoover is the newly elected Mayor-Elect of Natchez, Louisiana, what are the next steps facing the Natchitoches Parish Council and Councilperson Patsy Word Hoover.

On Tuesday morning, May 9, 2022, the election machines shall have been inspected and the certification of the election could be certified, subject to there be no “contested” petition filed.  Once the election is certified, the election results shall be final.

Patsy Ward Hoover can’t hold two elected offices, so, she shall be required to send a resignation letter to the Secretary of State thereby resigning her Parish Council seat.

The current Mayor, Ms. Humphries, shall serves as Mayor of Natchez through June 30.

Patsy Ward Hoover can then be sworn in.

Upon the receipt of Patsy Ward Hoover’s resignation letter, the Secretary of State shall notify the Natchitoches Parish Government they have to appoint someone within a certain period of time or if the Parish Council does not appoint, the governor can make an appointment.