Black tarp blocks habitual bystanders from riverbank concert

There’s been a bit of recent buzz on social media over a black tarp being used to obstruct the view of the downtown riverbank stage during a concert. Comments expressed concern over the “tacky” look of the tarp in the historic district and how it might make tourists shy away from what is otherwise a scenic destination.

The NPJ reached out to Mayor Ronnie Williams Jr. to see if the City had prior knowledge that the obstruction would be put in place. The mayor said he was working on a statement to be released soon. (See Below)

The Keith Frank concert on May 6 was a ticketed event put on by the Creole Renaissance Foundation. The riverbank area was rented for the event.

During ticketed concerts on the downtown riverbank, there is usually a large crowd enjoying the music from their vantage point on Front Street, which is outside of the ticketed area. The black tarp obstructed this view from Church Street to Lafayette. The goal seems to be to prevent anyone from enjoying the event without paying. Upon reflection, this must be the first time this tactic has been used in Natchitoches: blocking the view to an outdoor event in an area normally open to the public.

Mayor Williams: Blackout View of the Riverbank and Cane River Lake