Mayor Williams: Blackout View of the Riverbank and Cane River Lake

Keith Frank called upon the City of Natchitoches as a venue for his latest concert. The Creole Renaissance Foundation presented Keith Frank and the Soileau Zydeco Band on the beautiful stage in downtown Natchitoches. The event attracted people from all over including neighboring cities and states. While Keith Frank’s team erected a barrier to block the view of onlookers from Front Street, the melodic zydeco tunes filled the air of downtown and beyond. Our city is poised to attract even more talent. The City of Natchitoches remains poised to attract other talent and spotlight our city for the jewel it is. Given my continuous improvement mindset, the city will be persistent in process overview and implementation regarding future events.

Ronnie Williams, Mayor
May 9, 2022

Photo: Carbo Landscape/City of Natchitoches

Black tarp blocks habitual bystanders from riverbank concert