Word on the Street: Fo Sho

A Natchitoches resident named Joseph Faucheaux is “fo sho” stirring up trouble with some tik tok videos that quickly went viral. While it’s one thing to litter, it’s something completely different to make videos bragging about it.

With more than 10 million views of Faucheaux indiscriminately littering the Gulf of Mexico off the Louisiana coast, his messages are offensive at best:

“I think about putting it [beer can] in the trash bag…I feed it to the turtles.”

“I hope the Supreme Court tosses out Roe v. Wade just like this [beer can]. Maybe then you hoes will start being responsible.”

Word of this sea polluting catastrophe reached Ken Russell, a small business owner turned community activist from Miami who is running for Congress. Russell quickly took to TikTok, asking people to help him track down the man from the videos so he could be held accountable for his actions. The TikTok community was only too happy to help and the US Coast Guard, the Louisiana State Police, and the New Orleans Police Department were quickly tagged to alert them to the issue.

In another video he records an encounter with the Coast Guard, who pulled him over in his boat after they were alerted to his littering. His response was, “Ya’ll snitched but they couldn’t catch me in the act.”

According to Russell’s Twitter page, litterbug Joe even went so far as to join Russell on a TikTok live video on May 17 a 20 minute debate where he tried to explain why it’s okay to litter in the ocean. It’s not.

In a TV interview with a Florida news station Russell said, “It’s so easy just to take your litter with you and dispose of it properly.”