Natchitoches Parish Technical and Career Center Summer School 2021-2022 School Year

Summer School Expectations:

  • Arrive by 8 am ready to learn. If a student plans to eat breakfast they must be here before 8:15 am. Any student arriving after 8:30 am must be signed in by a parent or guardian that is listed in JCampus. No admission after 9 am.
  • Students can not miss more than 3 days excused or unexcused. After 3 missed days they will be dropped from summer school.
  • Students must dress in school uniform attire. (Khaki pants and light blue shirts)
  • Students will go through the morning check in process. (No cellphones permitted)
  • Lunch will be at 11:30 am. Each teacher will bring their class to the cafeteria for lunch.
  • Dismissal will be at 2 pm. Buses will run. All carline students need to be picked up by 2:15 pm.

Classroom Rules:

  • Students must be working on their assignments on Edgenuity only. No other websites permitted.
  • Students must complete the required number of assignments for their particular class. Failure to complete the required number will result in a failing grade/absence and an infraction.
  • No loud talking, playing, or sleeping during class.
  • Violation of any school/classroom rules or disrespect will result in the following consequences.
  • Students will be required to sign out to go to the bathroom. Only one student at a time. Each teacher will give students a bathroom pass.

Consequences: (4 step infraction form)

  • Verbal Warning/Conference with Teacher
  • Minor Infraction Form/Call Home
  • Minor Infraction Form/Conference with Administration
  • Office Referral/Dismissal from summer school