Natchitoches Junior High is on the Move!

NJH Principal Alexa Bernard-Conday & Vice Principal Chase Stepp

The young men and women of the Natchitoches Junior High/Frankie Ray Jackson School are off to a fantastic start for the 2022-23 school year. Several hundred students and their families gathered at the school for its Open House Wednesday, August 10. Second year principal, Alexa Bernard-Conday is looking to build on last year’s success when the students of NJH raised their proficiency scores in all four content areas, Math, English, Science, and Social Studies. She is joined in this worthy quest by Assistant Principal Chase Stepp, Academic Co-Ordinator Robert Carnline and 40 faculty and staff members. The young men and women of NJH are on the move!

The 360 students of the NJH family do not have to stop learning and growing when the final bell rings. The school offers a full range of sports as well as cheerleading for boys and girls to choose from. The youngsters can stretch their minds and learn with the school’s band, art club, 4-H, Boys to Men, Kiwanis, yearbook, journalism and other after school programs. Along with East Natchitoches Elementary, NJH has been a major presence at the Regional Science Fairs held at LSU-A each year. First Sergeant Shelby of the NCHS Army JROTC Program heads a contingent of cadets at NJH.

As a writer for the Natchitoches Parish Journal and a former teacher in one of the poorest parishes in our state, I have long maintained that there are talented, capable, and intelligent children in each and every one of the parish’s schools. It is quite evident that the leadership, faculty, and staff of Natchitoches Junior High share that belief. The Natchitoches Parish Journal wishes all the best to the young men and women of Natchitoches Junior High as they learn, grow, and get better. Go NJH!