Natchitoches Parish School District Announces Fast Forward Program

NPSB is proud to offer the Fast Forward Program for our high school students! The Fast Forward Program will prepare students for current and emerging professions that expose students to high-skill, high-wage and in-demand occupations.

Students in the Fast Forward Program will have the option to participate in one of two pathways: Associate’s Degree Pathway or Technical Diploma Pathway.

Students who are in the 10th grade or higher and qualify for dual-enrollment courses are eligible to enroll in the Fast Forward Program at their high school.

It is our goal that each student will graduate not only with his/her high school diploma, but also equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to be successful in whatever future endeavors lie ahead. Whether you are planning on employment, military, technical school, or college, the work you do in high school can prepare you for what’s next and can either open opportunities for you or limit them.

Degrees Offered
What is an Associate’s Degree?

These post-secondary degrees provide students with a recognized two-year degree that will allow students to either immediately enter the workforce and/or continue to pursue a four-year degree.

What is a Technical Diploma?

These post-secondary degrees provide students with the career and technical skills necessary to enter the workforce. Students engage in skills that provide nationally recognized industry-based certifications.

All degrees listed can be completed online or in-person. If interested in obtaining one of the below degrees, please contact your school’s degree coordinator for more information on course requirements.

BPCC Associate’s Degrees

Business Administration
Computer Information Systems
Cyber Security
Software Development
System Admin Cloud Computing
Health Care Management-Health Studies
BPCC Technical Diplomas
NSU Associate’s Degrees
General Studies


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