Superintendent addresses cyber bullying

The NPJ reached out to Natchitoches Parish School Superintendent Dr. Grant Eloi for a statement regarding a recent Facebook post that was brought to the Journal’s attention. The post discussed the creation of an Instagram account titled “,” which made salacious posts regarding students at Lakeview High School.

The Natchitoches Parish School Board does not tolerate bullying in any form or fashion. When bullying is brought to staff’s attention by a student, parent, or staff a state bullying investigation must be conducted, the results of which are then shared with parents. Once a student is found to have participated in bullying a myriad of disciplinary actions can then be utilized.

Bullying in 2023 takes on many forms but one of the most common forms today is cyber bullying. Often times this type of bullying takes place off school grounds during non school hours but schools may act if the incident causes a substantial disruption to the school day.

“If your child experiences bullying please start by reaching out to your school, the district is also available at any time to help parents and students should the need arise,” said Eloi, who added that it can be very difficult and take a long time to track down who is the author of the account as social media companies can be slow to cooperate.

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