Smart, Hardworking and Well Prepared-NSU Teacher Education Majors Attend the 2023 Teacher Job Fair

Northwestern State University held its annual Job Fair for Teachers Wednesday, March 8 at the university’s student union ballroom. Over 40 NSU Education Majors took the opportunity to meet with representatives of 21 school districts from around Louisiana, Texas and the federal government. Our own Natchitoches Parish School system was ably represented by Director of Personnel, Ms. Linda Page. Ms. Page spoke to a number of graduating prospective teachers and garnered 17 resumes, a solid indication of interest in teaching in our district.

After the job fair, there was a fair held at the Teacher Education Building for students who were poised to begin their residency (what used to be called student teaching) at which districts could meet with the students and discuss the benefits offered to student teachers at their schools. A group of young men and women at the event who are currently in their residencies at various schools were on hand to speak of their experiences and assist students.

The young men and women in NSU’s teacher residency are an impressive group. They are exactly the type of smart, hard working young people one would want teaching our children and are a superb reflection on their alma mater. The Natchitoches Parish Journal wishes them all the best in their future endeavors. We would also love to see them build their lives as teachers in Natchitoches Parish!

Note: The beginning salary in the Natchitoches Parish School District for a teacher with a bachelor’s degree is $51,875.00 per the district’s website, including sales tax payments. That salary is quite competitive, especially considering our cost of living is considerably less than in other areas. The Natchitoches Parish schools are a wonderful place to start your teaching career!