Blessed: Unmoved

A few nights ago one of my closest friends shared a Snapchat video of her daughters in deep conversation with her precious grandmother, Maudie. Well, sort of.

Conversation would have indicated that words were being shared from all parties. One party was silent, unmoved and enjoying her supper with the greatest of calm.

The young daughters were perched on kitchen bar sharing a tall tale with intricate details of what the world will look like in forty-five days. The moon was going to turn the darkest of black, there would be no daylight, you would have to gather food before the world turned dark, and there would possibly be demons coming out of the ground. These scary demons would have four faces and they would try to harm your family.

As the girls nervously shared this story, they twisted their fingers with great distress. Maudie would glance up every few bites and just stare at them as if to say, “I’ma let you finish this story but I have something to say.”

Completely unmoved and unshaken, Maudie continued with her dinner.

The story went on, the girls were becoming more and more animated. They truly needed answers to this new revelation that was shared with them. Every few seconds they would weakly say, “But we don’t believe it…”. After those words were spoken, their precious eyes were begging for confirmation that it was not true.

After a few more bites of supper and dead silence, Maudie simply said, “God is going to protect you.”

The genuine sigh of relief could be felt through the video. The sweet girls needed to hear this, they wanted to hear this and they could not move on until someone put them at ease.

Maudie continued to share, “I have been hearing the world was ending ever since I was a little girl.” One of the now brave girls said, “We just want to have a little family one day, that’s all.” While the other nodded in complete agreement, she continued, “That just goes to show to you that nobody really knows when the Lord is coming back.”

Maudie was visibly happy to hear these words of wisdom coming from her great granddaughter.

There were several reasons why I watched the video numerous times. Initially I was drawn in because it looked like the perfect setting for a half hour comedy show. It was completely adorable watching the girls trying to figure out the East from the West and which side the Lord would be coming back from. But the more I watched it, my smile changed. I was so focused watching Maudie, she was cool as a cucumber. Unshaken.

Her faith was so strong, she could not be moved by any of the new found worldly scenarios being hurled her way. Her demeanor was one of a woman who has a close relationship with the Lord. She had the confidence of woman who knows her treasures are not here on earth but in heaven. You could look at her and just know in your heart that she has walked many miles with the Lord by her side and leaves all of her burdens at the foot of the cross.

May we all be unmoved in our faith, just like Maudie. May we all have the right words to share with the youth of today when they have many worries and need reminders that our God is a good God. May we all learn to let the frivolous lies from the enemy roll right off of our backs and keep enjoying our dinner.

“I am at rest in God alone; my salvation comes from him. He alone is my rock and my salvation, my stronghold; I will never be shaken.” – Psalm 62:1-2