Candidacy Announcement: Mark Kerry, Parish Council District 5

Mark Kerry, candidate for Natchitoches Parish Council District 5 was born in Natchitoches, LA. He spent much of his childhood in the southern Natchitoches Parish communities of Gorum and Mora. After 40 years of progressive military, private sector and federal government experience, Kerry retired from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security in Washington D.C. to return to the area that holds the biggest place in his heart.

“I would consider it an honor to serve the people of District 5,” says Kerry. “In asking for your support, and vote, I am dedicating the skills and attributes I have learned along the way to improving our way of life. For me this isn’t about winning an election, it is about putting the skills I have learned to use so that we can grow in Natchitoches Parish. I am eager to listen to and serve the people of District 5 by using my skillset to solve issues that are plaguing the District.”

Kerry is a Christian candidate that is focusing on improving infrastructure in the parish. He is a proponent of economic development and believes that the roads in Natchitoches Parish will not allow for expansion and growth.

“Natchitoches Parish leaders should be concerned with our infrastructure,” says Kerry. “We pay some of the highest automobile insurance rates, and, significantly more for repairs because of bad roads. We have to invest our time and energy in to rebuilding from the ground-up. Additionally, we know that infrastructure is linked to rural development and good roads help sustain jobs associated with agriculture and logging.”

Kerry promotes the need for strengthening Natchitoches Parish roads to accommodate the needs of the economic driving forces and for the safety of the children. 

“Since agriculture, mostly logging, is the largest industry that uses the roads in District 5, the maintenance of an efficient, reliable infrastructure system is critical to the success of our agriculture,” Kerry states. “Without it, Natchitoches Parish will not grow economically and will continue to see a declining population. But as you well know, Natchitoches Parish roads and drainage is inadequate and has experienced extreme wear and tear over the years.”

Kerry promotes the following areas in his candidacy for Parish Council District 5:

  1. Using a team approach of local and regional elected officials, meet with the Louisiana Department of Transportation Development (DOTD) Executive Staff and Advisory Councils to reprioritize the Department’s goals, objectives, and funding of certain roads within Natchitoches Parish as pertaining to the Transportation Asset Management Plan (TAMP).
  2. Meet with our state senator and representative and determine which Natchitoches Parish roads (both State and Parish maintained roads) and infrastructure that should be included in the State Capital Outlay Program for legislative approval and funding. 
  3. Work with our state senator and representative to ensure road improvements are adequate to understand the area’s truck demands and to handle the significantly heavier vehicular loads.  Road improvements should consider the ability of the underlying soils to support loads, the type and availability of construction materials, and the degree of loading to be accommodated. DOTD must factor into the TAMP calculus the number one industry in our area and how it must be supported with adequate roads.
  4. Look for additional resources to substantially reduce the backlog of road rehabilitation needs in the Parish. 
  5. Be forward-thinking and look for infrastructure solutions to attract and support economic expansion and job creation.

“I look forward to meeting with everyone very soon,” states Kerry. “If elected, I promise to be available to the people of District 5 to discuss any item of concern.  Furthermore, I promise to be honest, transparent, and diligent. The people of Natchitoches Parish, and particularly, District 5, deserve good leadership and representation on the Parish Council.  I am committed to offering that and to working to improve our roads and infrastructure.  I would appreciate your vote and your support.”

For more information, please contact Mark Kerry at or 318.354.5960.