By Doug De Graffenried

Someplace in my collection of books is 14,000 Things to be Happy About. It is a pick-me-up kind of book. These books and others remind us of all the small things for which we can be thankful. I know I need a nudge every now and then.

Take this article, how are you reading it? Back in the day, the television was in the den. The stereo was often in your bedroom. It was never far enough way from the adult who insisted that you turn it down. The telephone was on the wall, usually in the kitchen. If you were lucky there was an extension phone in your bedroom. The news was delivered daily. In the morning some nice person threw a newspaper onto your driveway. In the evening, Walter Cronkite would tell you everything, so that you would know “that’s the way it is.” On rare occasions your favorite television show would be interrupted by a “News Bulletin.” Where I grew up, you were more likely to have a “weather bulletin.” Mail came once a day, except on Sunday. The mailbox was eagerly watched for the daily delivery. There could be almost anything in your mailbox. Everything I have described is residing on your phone. I am thankful for technology that allows me to be productive and stay connected.

Speaking of connections, are you thankful and happy about the connections in your life? This week we find out about our connections, don’t we? This is the week that family descend upon us. Ready or not, here they come! Thanksgiving is also the time when we find out that those family connections come with traditional culinary expectations. 

I wish to announce that this year for Thanksgiving, my tribe has shunned turkey! I put my foot down! No one likes turkey, why do we do the annual complaining about the dry turkey, or worse come up with some exotic recipe to try and outsmart the dry turkey? Eat steak!

There was a vote of the people coming to Gibsland this week. The quorum approved my motion to get rid of turkey in favor of steak. The change was approved with two amendments. I cook steaks and we have dressing. They have not figured out that the menu change gave me the right to hang out by the grill, ALONE. Have I mentioned that I am thankful for solitude on Thanksgiving? I’m grateful for people who understand introverts!

I am thankful for my family and my friends. I am thankful for the stories that will surround this Thanksgiving. I know with a menu change there might be a revolution in the tribe. I could be overthrown. I’m thankful that in my house on Thanksgiving there will be four generations represented. What stories will you tell about this Thanksgiving?

I am thankful that for just a few minutes I was a part of your life. Thanks for reading these articles! I know not everything in your life brings you joy, but there is so much for which you can be thankful. If nothing comes to mind quickly, you can borrow my book. 

Let me quote from another book: Oh give thanks to the LORD, for He is good, for His steadfast love endures forever!” That’s all it takes to be thankful. A good God loves you with a love that endures, no matter what!