Sheriff’s Office welcomes new deputies

Natchitoches Parish Sheriff Stuart Wright announced that Deputies Tyler Hortman and Sedric Kennedy Jr. completed the 93rd Session of the Alexandria Regional Police Academy in Alexandria on Nov. 16.
Cadets received 17 weeks of training in areas of criminal law, patrol activities, vehicle stops, report writing, defensive tactics, physical fitness, first aid, DWI, chemical weapons and other law enforcement topics.
Deputies Hortman and Kennedy will return to the Natchitoches Parish Sheriff’s Office for additional in-house training and assigned to a Field Training Officer before they are released to patrol and other duties in Natchitoches Parish.
Deputy Hortman earned the “David Ezernack Memorial Firearm Award.”
Congratulations to Deputies Hortman and Kennedy. We thank you for your service and wish you well in your law enforcement careers.
We also congratulate Natchitoches Police Officer Jeffrey Franks Jr. and all of the academy graduates.
Thanks to Alexandria Mayor Jacques M. Roy, Chief of Police Chad Gremillion, Deputy Chief Darrell Bradley, Asst. Chief of Police Lillie Evans and the Alexandria Police Department Training Staff for their integrity and professionalism.