104 thoughts on “Natchitoches Mayor Posey bans Confederate Flag; HDBA responds

  1. All the years that flag has been in the Festival, there was no issue. Suddenly THIS year, there is an issue. Mayor Posey is trying to play to the PC crowd, good luck with that Posey, I can name at least 30 people in my area that will not be attending after going to the Christmas Lights for over 10 years.

  2. All true southerners should boycott the Christmas Festival and celebrate in a city who still has southern pride. Lee Posey has given up on being a good leader and turned to being a politician willing to do anything to get elected again.

  3. I remember when I was a kid and we when to an reenactment with my classmates . My friend Laura who was white knew one of the men,we ask about different things and when she “these are my friends” He said “Not if we would have won,we would have owned them” We lost and everything when to S***. He was holding that flag. He told her that we would have been still working the fields and not on welfare . I understand that did happen and that it is some people heritage. But to three black children in 3rd grade it change us. We never look a color or saw Laura different until that day. We are all still friends but that comment stuck with me. I know its hard to see one another view points . we cannot see eyes to eye on everything . One thing about it we won’t be divided when we get to heaven

  4. They may keep the battle flag out of the parade but that will not stop you from flying your flag on the side. If you have one FLY IT HIGH. It’s your God given right.

  5. Well, you can count us out. This is ridiculous and outrageous. I don’t understand it. I don’t get offended of black history month or gay pride. To each his own.

  6. Just to let you all know…..he has also banned the Beauty Queens for the Battle of Pleasant Hill from riding in the parade also. Because of what their title stands for. This man needs to be STOPPED before he totally ruins your Christmas Festival and your town!

  7. Just another politician caving in to the PC/Thought Police. It is really easy to be spineless and just give up. How about banning the Gay Pride flag? I find images of gay pride attendees prancing about in strange costumes offensive but I guess I just need to toughen up and let them express themselves. How about banning the Black Panthers and the pan African flag? Oh….riiiiight that wouldn’t be PC.

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