Anna Slay Coaching, Voice and Talent Accepting Clients

Just in time for the Louisiana Cinderella Pageant


Having a daughter that won the Cinderella pageant as a toddler has taught Anna Slay a lot about pageants and performances over the years.  Anna, of ”Anna Slay Coaching,” has transformed her experience and knowledge into helping others achieve excellence. With 12 years as a talent agent, she has booked jobs for children in TV, film, voice overs, and much more.

Anna works with ages 8 and up, but includes pageant contestants much younger. “If a young lady is in the pageant world, I know she already has discipline skills and I will work with her.”

Anna uses an unconventional, but obviously successful, approach to voice coaching. “I don’t sit and play the piano while they sing,” she says, “I have music playing and I stand in front of them to coach their breathing and make sure they are singing correctly.”  She adds that by standing and watching them, the child becomes comfortable with performing in front of people, it gives them confidence and they are used to an audience by the time they are on stage.  She uses voice and video recording so they can study their movements and improve.

Adult Clients

It’s not just for children either, with the proper coaching and breathing techniques, adults can become confident in public speaking, giving presentations and any occasion where they are in front of an audience.

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