NSU signs exchange agreement with Nepali school

KCM Nepal Signinga

Northwestern State University has developed an agreement with the Kathmandu College of Management, an institution in Nepal where administrators aim to promote student exchanges, dual degree programs and cultural experiences for students and faculty interested in gaining a global perspective. KCM is considered one of the premier management schools in Nepal offering bachelor’s and master’s degrees in business management, marketing and communications.

“They are interested in student exchanges as early as next spring, preferably business students,” said Dr. Patrice Moulton, who coordinated the agreement and oversaw its signing with administrators in Nepal and in the U.S. However, it takes a certain type of student to immerse themselves in a third world country, Moulton said. “It will take a student with the right mindset for traveling in that part of the world.”

Both institutions agree to discuss further proposals for future collaboration, including the possibility of brief exchange visits, joint publications or research and online course delivery options.

Moulton and her husband, Dr. Michael Moulton, both NSU faculty, and their son Bryce have travelled extensively in Nepal doing philanthropy work. Last year they developed an agreement with the Institute of Crisis Management Studies in Nepal to create opportunities for academic cooperation and joint research.

“KCM is considered a progressive school,” Moulton said. “They are interested in dual degrees and have partnerships with other international universities. One of their goals is for their university to be the university in Nepal that has a global presence, not just in sending students out but also in accepting students into their institution.”

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