Natchitoches Walmart: A Ruckus September 25, 2018

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An NPJ reader submitted these photos and video today, Sept. 25, at 6:20 pm at the Natchitoches Walmart. The reader decided to reschedule their shopping trip after they were informed that police were handling a disturbance inside the store. Another reader reported they were in the dairy section when they heard a ruckus. No further information is available at this time.

15 thoughts on “Natchitoches Walmart: A Ruckus September 25, 2018

  1. Alot of people like to point fingers. Start fixing within your own community before you blame others. I am proud of our first responders and Natchitoches Police did respond with several police officers on the scene. They enforce the laws on very little pay. They put their lives on the line daily. You will not find a more dedicated group of men and women. They cannot be everywhere so this is why citizens need to be vigilant and report. Be apart of the solution not the problem. #GeauxNPD

  2. Natchitoches has very weak “leadership.” From mayor to police chief to city council…mostly, not all. Not that they are bad people, not that they want bad things to happen, but that they are weak. They are afraid to enforce laws because it might mean one of their friends got a ticket or was cited for some violation and that would be awkward at their next cocktail party.

    It’s also easier, lazier, to coast. The police can drive around in their cars and NOT do anything, draw their paycheck, and that’s it. I have personally witnessed blatant violations of simple traffic laws, some guy in a pickup truck, loud pipes, darting in and out of traffic, even using the center turning lane on Kyser to go around a vehicle, speeding! well above the posted 35 mph. And then there was NPD cruiser sitting in a parking lot, facing the street, and I thought this guy is about to get nailed for multiple violations…nothing. The truck even sped by the police car well above the speed limit, still dangerously changing lanes.

    After that….forget it.

    WEAK leadership!

    • Don’t agree with the comments on the police department,if you will look at the arrest reports you will see long list every week. But look at the list very close you will find the same names over and over!!! The police do a very good job at arresting the scum week in week out,but that’s where it stops. Others are dropping the ball after that!

  3. it is so sad what this town and parish have become.If you go to you tube and
    look up Natchitoches you will see more fight videos then you will festival ones.
    This town could be something special,but its afraid of growth and no jobs so all people have to do is drink,drugs,steal and fight. I moved here from the west coast and I have been robbed more in past 2 years then I have living elsewhere,crimes crazy here and drug use and all the city has to live on is some stupid Festival that last like 45 days.Wake up Natchitoches !!

  4. Another shining example of the fine citizens of Natchitoches. Be warned, unless and until the local judges start dealing harshly with this BS behavior we are witnessing the future. No wonder we have bad behavior in schools.

  5. People can’t or won’t intervene these days because they would possibly get shot. There definitely needs to be security at Wal-Mart. It is very sad to see what has happened to this town. We are being overrun by fights, robberies, break-ins and in neighborhoods that used to be nice and safe. And what disturbs me the most is seeing little children in the video and someone holding a baby. For God’s sake, people if you don’t want to be stereotyped, then stop the animalistic behavior and act like adults!!

  6. While the behavior is outrageous, I am left wondering why no one intervened before it escalated to a physical altercation? When I see this kind of stuff I intervene and try to separate the parties. My family has seen me do this. How is it that we are ok with just standing by and letting it escalate like that? It is important to be the example you desire to have your little ones achieve. Folks will sit there and record this and then make statements to the effect of, “oh, look at how ratchet Natchitoches is” or “I live in Natchi-trash”. Well, if we aren’t doing anything to stop it before it happens were are just as culpable as the people who were fighting because we failed to intervene and establish a tone of social expectation as a community.

    • Good way to get shot!! These are grown adults,the should know how to act in public. Culpable!! No I don’t think so. Did that one time and got punched in the side of the head for my trouble,won’t do it again let them beat each other to death before I do it again . Trash needs to grow up.

  7. such a great place to take kids and family to shop and so classy.I wonder
    where is security ? did these people get arrested ? did subway stay open ?
    and you wonder why we can’t get a Target,Targets watching this video and saying hell no….we ain’t moving there .trash is trash !

    • Target isn’t the only one watching this….companies, families considering moving here, and convention organizers are taking note of this too. This has far reaching results that will cost our town dearly.

  8. I need to start going to Natchitoches Walmart again,i miss all the fun in Many.Sure you get poorly dressed women and parents yelling at kids,but never a fight .People are missing out on fun here in town,its not the Fetsivals or tours its our Walmart…..Big “W” in the house !!

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