Ponderings with Doug – September 6, 2019

A story is told several different ways about a student who was a C student. She said that she didn’t want to be anything but a C student. She didn’t want to attract attention by excelling and being a top student. If she made all A’s people would expect that of her all the time. It was too much pressure to live up to those expectations.

She didn’t want to be a bad student either. She did not want to disappoint her parents or teachers by failing courses. In her mind, C students were ignored. They were not excellent students and they were not failing students. They got through school without much attention. That is how she wanted to get through life.

Preachers use this story in various forms to talk about people and their faith journey. Most folks want to be C Christians. They don’t want to fail at following Jesus. A moral lapse or walking away from the faith would embarrass family members and friends. Likewise, they don’t want to be a saint. They don’t want the pressure that living a holy life would place on them. After all, can Jesus really expect us to be good all the time.

C Christians want to do everything that everyone else is doing without having a relationship with Christ causing them any cognitive dissonance. They, like the student, have opted for a faith that allows them slide by. They have just enough Jesus to keep them out of Hell but not enough to keep them from having all the fun their friends are having.

You are allowed at this point to make your own list of activities that might not be edifying for a Christian to participate in, yet we find ourselves right in the middle of them. Does your faith cause you to be uneasy when you find yourself in certain social situations? GOOD!

The hopeful side of being a C Christian is that there is room for improvement. You can grow in your faith. You can find yourself making mindful decisions about how you behave and how you interact with the world and the church. You can set goals for your growth and pray about moving into deeper dimensions of faith. The great news is that your faith is not judged by human beings but by the Lord himself.

He grades on a curve, a grace curve.

I got this idea from my Fitbit. I keep track of what all a Fitbit keeps track of.

The latest incarnation of the Fitbit now grades your sleep. It gives a numeric score based on length of sleep and type of sleep. I’m not sure what to think about this. According to Fitbit I am a C sleeper. I thought I would be a much better sleeper.

Who gets a C in sleep? I fell asleep and I woke up. I wake up when the dogs bark. How does one grow in their sleeping skills? How does one become an expert sleeper? Should I even aspire to be an A sleeper?

Does it matter? My sleep doesn’t impact other human beings. No one sees me sleep. I am a faithful sleeper. Ten years from now, when I retire, I will join pew people and try sleeping in church. I wonder how Fitbit would record snoozing in the sanctuary. If you sleep in church is that A sleep?

Since there is always room for improvement, I am going to set as a goal to become a B sleeper.

In most things there is room for improvement.

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