The Executive Director is responsible for implementing the strategic goals and objectives of the WRC, assist the Board in fulfilling its governance function and to give direction and leadership toward the achievement of WRC philosophy, mission, vision, strategies, and its annual goals and objectives.

Vision: To affirm the choice for life for the unborn child.

Mission: The Women’s Resource Center of Natchitoches exists to educate and empower individuals to make life affirming choices.

1. The Executive Director is a full-time employee of the Women’s Resource Center.
2. Maintain and support open commitment to Jesus Christ, promote sanctity of human life, active member of a local church and agrees with the WRC principles and statement of faith.

Desired Candidate will need:
1. Qualifications:
a. Graduation from an accredited college or university preferred.
b. Three (3) years of field experience in crisis pregnancy work or related field preferred.
c. Excellent verbal skills, writing skills, ability to communicate well with Center personnel, Board of Directors, funding resources, public media, agencies of local government, and have expertise in public speaking. Some travel is required. (expenses are covered by the WRC).
d. Personnel management experience and demonstrated ability to maintain strong working relationships with employees, volunteers, public agencies, and organizations serving the community,
e. Practice excellent time management, and balance multiple functions.

2. Duties and Functions: The Director Will:
a. Always reflect the positive side of her own personal relationship with Jesus Christ and inspire the staff to do likewise, and demonstrate consistent servant leadership.
b. Provide confidential peer-counseling with Center clients giving empathetic support to make life affirming decisions.
c. Be prepared to present or supervise presentations to public school students regarding risks and consequences of teen pregnancy and health related issues regarding sexually transmitted diseases.
d. Maintain current compliance – legal and operational directives, fund and grant requirements, standard operations procedures, and training of all Center personnel in allotted positions.

3. Principal Activities:
a. Program development and client services – Oversees planning, marketing, promotion, client service delivery, and continuous quality improvement of programs and client services. Maintain “best practices” that are current for a pregnancy help medical clinic.
b. Financial, Non-Profit status, Risk and Facilities Management – Recommends yearly budget for Board approval and efficiently manages WRC resources within budgetary guidelines according to current
policies and procedures, and legal rules and regulations
c. Human Resource Management – – Oversees the management of personnel resources of WRC according to Board approved personnel policies that fully conform to current labor laws and regulations.  Able to recruit, train, and manage volunteer staff.
d. Community and Public Relations – Assures that WRC and its mission, programs and client services are consistently presented in a strong, positive image to current and potential stakeholders.
e. Fundraising – Oversees fundraising planning and implementation, including identifying resource requirements, researching funding sources, establishing strategies to approach potential donors and funders, and submitting proposals for grants. Administrating fundraising records, and able to maintain appropriate documentation and accountability for smaller and on-going major grants.

Depends on qualifications and in line with salary guidelines established by Board of Directors.

Full-Time Position
Available on a regular basis nights and weekends for speaking engagements & presentations.  Available to attend training seminars and conferences
Some travel required

This job description may change without notice.