Goodness Gracious

By Tommy Rush

Recently the radio in my truck quit working and several lights in my dashboard began flashing. Now, the flashing lights were not important warning lights or check engine lights, but the clock and outside temperature display. The mechanic told me that I have a computer problem inside the dash. After he told me how much a new computer board for my truck would cost, I decided I could live without a radio and the flashing clock might help me to pay better attention to the time.

I remember the days when changing out truck radios and speakers was something you could do on a Friday night in the Dairy Queen parking lot. When I was a teenager in the 70’s, we never considered having a computer in our home, much less in the dash of our truck. My first vehicle was actually an old International Scout Jeep. It had a manual switch for each windshield wiper, a manual gear shift and even manual steering. The only air conditioner was when I removed the top and increased my speed.

Some of you may remember what manual steering was like. If you’re old enough to remember, then you probably can recall times when you had to wrap yourself around the steering wheel several times, kind of like a corkscrew and turn the wheel with all your might. There were times when driving off road or in mud made turning the steering wheel almost impossible.

There has been times in life when I have been a lot like that manual steering wheel – “hard to turn.” Maybe you have had those times in life too, times when you were simply “un- turnable.” I’m sure we could all share stories when we were victims of our own pride and stubbornness and we ended up on some very bad roads. The sad reality is that we live in a “hard to turn” culture and most of us just don’t turn very easily. Often I find myself moving faster and faster, setting my plans, making my schedules and determining my own direction with little input from others, not even my Lord. I’m grateful for His goodness and grace that seems to flash across my dashboard when that happens to turn me back to Him.

I wonder if God is trying to change your direction right now – in that relationship you’re in, in your business, in your goals, in hanging onto some of those old methods, and in those attitudes or those ways of treating people that are hurting you and hurting others. God’s plans are different from your plans right now but you were made for His plans, not yours. And His way is always the one that gives the peace and blessings in life that we are all longing for. Just remember power steering (God’s power) is an awesome blessing!

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