UPDATE NSU-Natchitoches Campus: SPRING 2022 Enrollment

Natchitoches Campus

The following data, charts and reports titled “Board of Supervisors for State Colleges & Universities – 14 Day Count – Northwestern State University” show just how many students attend at the Natchitoches Campus:

14 Day Count Report – Spring 2022 Semester

Northwestern State University’s total Spring 2022 System Enrollment: 9,295 (100%)

NSU-Natchitoches Campus Spring 2022 Enrollment:  2,417 (26.01%) 


14 Day Count Report – Fall 2021 Semester

Northwestern State University’s total Fall 2021 System Enrollment: 10,735 (100%)

NSU-Natchitoches Campus Fall 2021 Enrollment:  3,010 (28.03%) 


Publisher’ Notes:

Nothing can be solved or repaired without first shining some light on the subject, then accepting that a problem exists and then finally starting the recovery period – Let’s go to work!


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