School Board prepares to reopen schools while keeping student safety in mind

The main topic at the Natchitoches Parish School Board meetings on Aug. 3 and 5 revolved around Covid and how the school district is preparing to keep students safe as the 2021-22 school year starts next week. LEAP 2025 data released from the Louisiana Department of Education has made it clear that in-person instruction is far more beneficial than virtual learning options for the majority of students.

“This information should guide decisions for educators and parents moving into the new school year,” said Superintendent Dr. Grant Eloi. “It is absolutely critical that we keep our students in the classroom for this upcoming year while mitigating the spread of Covid 19 and that very much goes to our two guiding principles: student learning and student safety, which is right there with that. I’m excited to know that our guiding principles are very much in line with what State Superintendent Dr. Cade Brumley is saying as well.

Governor John Bel Edwards has temporarily reinstated Louisiana’s statewide mask mandate indoors for all people ages five and older as COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations continue to rise across Louisiana. As of now, NPSB will be following Governor Edward’s mask mandate in all Natchitoches Parish Schools.

Other agenda items included:
Permission to Advertise for Bids for District wide smartphone application.
Approve 3 Bids For Security Cameras at NJH, Weaver, and Magnet
Rapides Effective Schools Grant- Diagram for Math Success
2021-2022 Budget
3121 Social Security Alternative Plan
Covid Leave Continuance
Consider Approving New Positions
LDH voluntary testing program for NPSB schools.
Amendment to 2021-2022 Handbook

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8 thoughts on “School Board prepares to reopen schools while keeping student safety in mind

  1. No, they(the school board) don’t see constitutional rights as the priority here.
    They see evidence of rapidly evolving virus. A virus that is quickly changing its hosts and striking young adults, teens and kids as the highest number of cases, who are becoming sicker and sicker. Old people are next to last in number of cases.
    Can we gamble that the old science is what we rely on: or do we rely on TODAY’s science here in region 7 (Natchitoches, Shreveport/ Bossier and other northwestern hospitals.

    Gambling on the well being of our children is a poor choice. Let’s watch and see please.

    • OLD RN its not even a gamble at this point and if you want to look at like gambling ill take that bet! Because the proof is there and the points you made are 100% correct! If it were my kids I would duck take one on them before they left home. Hell they can eat when they get home no worse then sending them to school unprotected! But thats just me,I only have a dog and he won’t ware one anyway.

  2. Apparently they do not care for the Constitutional Rights of parents objecting on philosophical or religious grounds to the mask mandate for children or they would have taken note of the Attorney General’s opinion on this issue. The AG has produced forms that parents can use if they object to masking their child and contain language upholding parental rights in this matter. Bottom line is that there are far too many contrary views from the medical community about masking children and to simply rubber stamp an edict from politicians is careless.

    Call me whatever you want but SB members and politicians are sworn to uphold, protect and defend the Constitution and ignoring Civil Rights for whatever reason is contrary to that oath.

    • Says the man who bowed at Dale Skinners feet for so many years while teachers and staff had the worst morale ever.

      Please. For the first time in years we actually have a board who truly cares for everybody – the children and the staff.

      • Thanks Mike unfortunately Civil Rights don’t seem to matter to some and I would enjoy engaging the naysayers but if a person is going to hide behind an insult and/or a fake name I have better things to do than respond.

      • Still like using my name huh? I understand makes you feel more important! Not a problem I totally understand!

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